To heal & elevate hope while meeting basic human needs, one life at a time.


H.O.P.E.    Helping Our People Evolve


At Operation Homeless, Inc. we are dedicated to provide crisis assistance to the homeless and economically disadvantaged families with children in our local community in Cabarrus County. 

Our goal is to help make a difference in your life.


1 out of 6 people in our community have no food to eat.

1 out of 5 people in our community is homeless or on the brink of it.


Call us today if you live in Cabarrus County and are in the Kannapolis or Concord area and need Crisis Asssistance.

 For assistance with housing go to www.helpwithhousing.net




 Volunteers we need you today.  Get involved in your community.  






No one expects to become homeless!  

Everyone is at risk of being a paycheck away from being homeless.  This is a statistic.

Man's best friend.  A friend indeed to the homeless.  

The homeless will not leave their pets to go into a shelter.  Shelters do not accept animals.  

If the homeless suffers, so do their pets.  

We provide services for the pets of the homeless.